The First Move

Ezbon Misati

Every journey starts with a single step, and the salvation journey is no different as it also starts with a single step, which is a very  crucial and the most important move in the salvation journey.
This first move is to repent your sins and accept Jesus as Lord and savior. We are delivered from sin and its consequences when we repent in sincerity and this can be done through a simple prayer to God  in your own words.
Through this personal move, ‘God rescues you from the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of the son He loves , in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins’ (Col .1:13)
‘For God so loved the word, that He gave His one and only son,that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His son to the world to condemn the world, but save the world through Him. Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only son.'(John 3:16-18).
It is important to accept Jesus in your life and this decision is yours.


Rave for Christ

Joshua Maina

Are you having a planless weekend?  Or, you are feeling like partying hard in the correct manner?  Think no further! the Multimedia University alongside Kubamba Radio have organised a mega gospel rave happening just infront of block A.

In the house will be prominent gospel DJs such as Do Johny Celeb, Njugush and Do soxxy and gospel artist such as Mercy Masika, Neema K, Kelele Takatifu and Willy Paul will be performing. 

Don’t waste your your youthful strength, put on your dancing shoes and come party the Godly way. 

Money and Passion

Joshua Maina

(playing acoustics  and singing to Andy Mbugua’s song Ananijali)

INTERVIEWER: Wow, interesting, we are having a very good show today, welcome listeners to today’s segment and today in studio we have one of the amazing acoustic player by the name…he will introduce himself

INTERVIEWEE: (laughing) my name is George Kariuki musically they know me as Gee

INTERVIEWER: Gee welcome to our studio today, where we will talk about music, young men with music

INTERVIEWEE:thank you, music,(playing acoustics) music music

INTERVIEWER:Welcome, So Gee Kariuki when did you first start playing music?

INTERVIEWEE:  I started with the guitar, which is this acoustics and that was after form four so that is 2013 December,



INTERVIEWER: And where do you majorly play?

INTERVIEWEE: I play at events and at church

INTERVIEWER:  interesting, what kind of events do you play at?

INTERVIEWEE: ah, every event that is positive and impacts the society in a good way, I insist on that, positive events that contributes to the society positively

INTERVIEWER: That means that there are some other events that do not contribute to the society

INTERVIEWEE: yeah, of course

INTERVIEWER: Definitely, There is issue or a concern where an instrumentalist in church is found playing at a club


INTERVIEWEER:Yeah, you’ve heard of such kind of cases? 

INTERVIEWEE: yeah, it is not a surprise to me, and it is not   a good thing because you can   not serve two masters, when you are playing in church you are serving God and when you are playing in clubs you are serving whoever opposes to God because you know the things that go on in a club

INTERVIEWER: (interrupting) and definitely  it’s the devil


INTERVIEWER: But t&ere is a critical concern that the while thing revolves around money,  they are not appreciated in church so they will sort out appreciations elsewhere

INTERVIEWEE: I know,  they are a lot of ways and it is not a good way by the way, because your center of all these should not be money,  because I do these for passion and I know I need money so if I play in church and I am not recognized, I will go a step further and commercialise my talent,  there are many ways if earning money without going to clubs, I record my music to the internet and I get paid using royalties, I can record and sell CDs and again motivation songs and love songs. I mean we can also be entertainers without going t clubs and that is how they don’t get it right

INTERVIEWER: So it is a good idea gotten wrong! 

INTERVIEWEE: yeah,  it’s a good idea gotten wrong 

INTERVIEWER: So what advice will you give them

INTERVIEWEE: I will advice them that if you doubt that there is money in the church, you come,  and be faithful to the one you are serving and don’t look at people and people are looking for quick schemes to get rich, you know these things and in a club you can get rich quick I promise and that is a trap for many people 

INTERVIEWER: Yeah,  quick cash! 

INTERVIEWEE: Yeah, quick cash,  that is their trap,  yeah

INTERVIEWER: so,  thank you so much for coming and sparing your time to be with us today and telling us how good it is to stay faithful to God. Asante Sana Gee

 INTERVIEWEE: Karibu sana

(Gee signs out playing acoustic)

Help us Reach Out

VIvian Ngima


The Overcomers church would like to request that you help us reach out to many others.Remember a way of giving is through ministry work apart from that our vision involves reaching out to many more.Our church has been blessed to have more people in it and it is with great honor we ask you help us expand the church.Whatever the amount or item you will be able to fund us with with great appreciation is all we can have for you.Pledges are very much welcomed.Our first fundraising will take place the next Sunday and raffle tickets should be taken up.Great prizes will be won and one won’t be disappointed.The draw for the raffles will take place after four weeksReaching to many is not necessarily through the preachings but through the activities that take place in the the house of the Lord.As David said I was glad when they called me to the house of the Lord.Let us share the joy of the Lord that we experience to others as well.






Abstaining In Dating

Arlene Ayirah

So many at times as young people, we are faced with the challenge of whether or not we should indulge in sexual activities outside marriage. The purpose of sex is to build intimacy between people and to strengthen the bond between two people. It is an act ordained by God Himself therefore we see that it is not something that God is actually against. He just wants us to do it in the right setting,timing and context.
Devon Franklin, producer of new hit movie Miracles From Heaven and Meagan Good, actress on famous movie ‘Think Like a Man’ or ‘Jumping the Broom’, are a great example of a Hollywood couple who chose to keep themselves until marriage. They tell a story of how this has made their marriage better and worth the wait. You can also find a copy of their book ‘The Wait’ in leading book stores near you.

The Dating World

Arlene Ayirah

Interviewer: hello guys today we are joined with Esther Muigai one of our very own leaders in the MMU Christian Union and she is going to tell us a little bit more about dating and as a lady when is the right time to date.
So Esther can you tell us more about that.

Interviewee: I believe dating is a search for a life long partner. Someone who you would like to stay with for the rest of your life. So i think the right time for a lady to date is when you are ready to surrender that to someone. When you are ready to settle down with someone. So when you choose someone to date you should always have the end point in mind.

Interviewer: Do you think there’s such a thing as the right guy.

Interviewee: I think there’s a right guy for each person but they don’t  have to necessarily meet the right guy standards for everyone. You know like you can have a person they don’t have to be perfect but somehow you can compromise for them, you can work with them. So if you can partner with them, partnerships don’t always have to be perfect but there is a way that there is that balance with that person

Interviewer: Wow thank you so much. There you have it guys from one of our very own Esther Muigai who by the way has a successful relationship. Watch out for her wedding. thank you and have a good day.

Relationship Sunday

Arlene Ayirah


This is to welcome you all for our relationship service this Sunday at the MMU Christian Union Sanctuary. We shall have an external guest Mr. Ernest Wamboye who will come and speak to us about having healthy and Godly relationships. He will also answer any questions that people may have concerning dating and relationships at large.
Am sure we many times wonder how we can go about dating especially in the church set up. Ernest will be here to tell us how to do this and also to share his story about how he successfully dated and married his wife Turi at the age of 22 years.
Come ready to learn. You can tag along a friend or your relationship partner.
See you there.